Can I just have only my Reception at Historic Beaver Dam Lodge & Golf Resort?
Yes, you can have either your wedding or reception at our property, but most couple like to have both at one location, which makes it more convenient for their guest.
Can food and beverage be supplied by outside caters?
The wedding cake is the only outside food allowed, Beaver Dam Lodge & Golf Resort is a full service facility that provides all beverages and food. Beaver Dam Resort customizes a menu just for you, one that will cater to you and your guests needs.
Is Historic Beaver Dam Lodge & Golf Resort a Private Course?
Beaver Dam Lodge & Golf Resort is a public facility, and is open to play golf and enjoy our facility 360 days a year.
What is your price range?
Beaver Dam Lodge & Golf Resort Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions are customized to fit your budget, and offer discounts for our off season months. Event packages vary for each event, our wedding coordinator can work with your budget.
Does Beaver Dam Lodge & Golf Resort have vendors they will suggest?
Beaver Dam Lodge will provide you with vendors that we have from a vendor list. You may also use vendors of your choice, but the must meet with the  wedding consultant to arrange times and dates of set up.
How does the deposit work?
Once the date has been set, there will be a non-refundable deposit of $1,500.00 . Deposits maybe in the form of check, cash, cashiers check or credit card. 14 days prior to the remainder is due.
If the event date is less than 90 days when booked, 1/2 of the total wedding price will be due when date is set. The remaining balance is due and non-refundable 14 days prior to the event date.


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